2022 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition Winners Announced


The Underwater Photography Files has launched the winners of the 2022 Ocean Art Underwater Photograph Competitors.

“It’s apparent from this year’s winning photography that our community of underwater photographers has dived correct into a brand fresh and exciting post-pandemic period. An exceptional caliber of photos used to be ushered in by the lifting of lumber back and forth restrictions – including our exclusively in uncover image featuring any other teachable moment from an octopus. This picture, captured in Palm Sea trip, Florida by Kat Zhou, depicts the bittersweet closing days between a mother octopus and her younger prior to demise of extinct age.”

Over US$100,000/~€91,990 in prizes hold been awarded.

This year’s competition debuted a brand fresh Cellular Phone class, with photography captured by a instrument that virtually every ocean lover has in their pocket.

Fourteen diverse categories make certain a aggressive contest for all ranges and disciplines of underwater photography.

The judges evaluated hundreds of entries from 96 countries prior to choosing the closing place of photography as Ocean Art winners.

Ocean Art 2022 judges integrated underwater photographers Tony Wu, Label Strickland and Marty Snyderman.

Marvelous photos will also be seen on the Underwater Photography Files web web page.

(Featured Image credit: Kat Zhou)

John Liang

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