Study: Komodo National Park Has One of the Biggest Accumulations of Manta Rays


A neighborhood of citizen divers and marine scientists joined collectively to secure knowledge for a currently published express that shows Komodo National Park off Indonesia will most definitely be instrumental to recuperating endangered manta rays.

Scientists and the native dive neighborhood contributed thousands of photos to a crowdsourced manta ray database referred to as

In accordance to handbook author Dr. Elitza Germanov:

“I used to be amazed by how receptive the native dive neighborhood used to be in serving to purchase worthy-wished knowledge on these threatened animals. With their make stronger, we had been able to establish over 1,000 person manta rays from over 4,000 photos.”

Marine Megafauna Basis co-founder and explore co-author Dr. Andrea Marshall said:

“Of us delight in manta rays—they are one of basically the most iconic animals in our oceans. The upward thrust of the selection of of us partaking in SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and the creation of life like underwater cameras meant that photos and movies taken by the general public for the length of their holidays will most definitely be dilapidated to snappy and ticket effectively scale knowledge sequence.”

And Germanov added:

“I realized it very appealing how some manta rays appear to put off spending their time in some sites greater than others, even when sites are 5 km apart, that are short distances for manta rays. This implies that manta rays which put off sites the build fishing actions proceed to happen or that are extra effectively most current by tourism will maintain greater impacts.”

On condition that lots of the photos came from four important dive sites in Komodo, some locals focus on the Park should always restful like a watch on what number of human guests it gets. In accordance to Ande Kefi, a park employee who took part within the explore:

“This explore shows that the locations the build tourists ceaselessly watch manta rays are important for the animals to feed, orderly, and mate. This implies that the Komodo National Park should always restful make measures to restrict the disturbance at these sites. I’m hoping that this explore will reduction tourism operators to imprint the want for the guidelines already imposed and elevate compliance.”

Take a look at out the explore right here.

John Liang

John Liang

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