Houston Underwater Film Festival Accepting Submissions for 2022


Organizers of the 2d annual Houston Underwater Movie Festival non-public launched they are accepting submissions for 2022.

In response to the organizers:

“HUFF targets to promote underwater movie making and appreciation of the elegance and selection of all things underwater besides to encouraging the art work of underwater movie making. Underwater videographers from spherical the world are invited to submit entries for consideration for screening.”

The submission closing date is January 11th, 2022, and the competition itself will take hold of set in April 2022 on the Midtown Arts and Theater Center Houston (MATCH).

The submission classes are “Amateur,” “Mounted Lens,” “Brief Video,” “Honest Length” and “Made in Texas.”

For additional files and to submit your entry, dash to filmfreeway.com.

Houston Underwater Film Festival Accepting Submissions for 2022 3

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