How To Clean A New Scuba Mask Before Going Diving


So that you just’ve provided your impress new cowl willing to transfer Scuba diving, most efficient to search out it fogs up on every dive and you marvel why as your dive traffic don’t appear to agree with the identical articulate.

The narrate of affairs occurs because the manufacturing project locations a in actuality skinny layer of silicon on the lenses to guard the glass.  Whenever you don’t score this deposit before diving any form of anti-fog solution won’t work because the silicon prevents the solution from working.

There are a sequence of tactics talked about on-line and we’ll poke by the most tried-and-tested diagram we all know.

It’s a in actuality easy project the utilize of traditional white toothpaste.  Before getting going a few fleet pointers – don’t utilize any delight in whitening or stain removal model because it might perchance motive itsy-bitsy scratches) and this diagram must always most efficient be light on glass lenses as plastic or specially lined lenses will scratch with out disaster.

So once you are willing with the brand new cowl and toothpaste – apply these steps:

  1. Wash your hands and invent clear they’re neat to eradicate a ways flung from scratching the lenses.
  2. Set up a pea or thimble-sized amount of toothpaste and rub it on each the entrance and aid facets of your lenses making clear the lenses are dry first!
  3. With neat and dry fingers rub the toothpaste in a spherical circulation
  4. Now rinse the lens with frigid water whereas rubbing away the toothpaste. The toothpaste might perchance bring collectively into the sides of the cowl so utilize somewhat extra water and a tender moist fabric to score it
  5. Once you’ve cleaned off the complete toothpaste utilize a neat towel to dry the lens
  6. Repeat the steps above 5-7 instances, drying in between each application, to invent clear the complete silicone residue is eliminated.

When accomplished make certain to give the cowl a thorough neat to score all traces of the toothpaste upright to cease any remnants from affecting your eyes for the length of utilize.

Additionally, make investments in a real cowl defogger (we would indicate the Stream2Sea Reef Pleasant Conceal Defogger) as this diagram most efficient will get rid of the manufacturing layer but doesn’t cease your cowl from defogging!

How To Clean A New Scuba Mask Before Going Diving 3

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