Why Tagging And Tracking Ocean Fish Is So Important


The Ocean Tracking Network says it and its companions surpassed 300 million animal detections in 2020.

That quantity allowed scientists to greater notice ocean fish and a good deal of animals that had been tagged for monitoring and review capabilities.

“With so many telemetry practitioners reporting their data to OTN and its companions — for the time being and historically — millions of animal detections are being matched to their label dwelling owners. These consist of beforehand unresolved tags that OTN does not occupy metadata on that are detected within our system (or ‘mystery tags’).”

OTN bought to this quantity by a series of what it calls “data pushes.” To learn extra about that, are trying their web situation at oceantrackingnetwork.org.

The OTN Recordsdata Centre lately accomplished a data push, bringing the total more than just a few of animal detections managed by OTN and compatible nodes to bigger than 300 million!

Devour you ever ever wondered what’s fascinated by a data push? Learn extra on this detailed overview: https://t.co/htpm0OtqB9 pic.twitter.com/EW5foUnzCZ


2020 Saw Total Ocean Animal Detections Rise Past 300 Million 3

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