RAID Has Updated and Revamped Its Instructor Development Materials


The final time the folk at RAID released an update to their Trainer and Trainer Coach purposes turned into once in 2014. This week, the agency issued tranquil trainer-level core purposes: Trainer Pattern Program (IDP), Trainer Coach Program (ITP) and Trainer Playbook.

“Since RAID is an totally digital agency, we are, by default, prescriptive instructing consultants, and this might occasionally fresh a bunch of complications when designing an training machine. Many tutorial items are in step with an trainer turning in a complete presentation to their audience. With prescriptive instructing, this is no longer the case, since the instructor is handiest asked to remark miniature bites of files in step with what the student has left out whereas working throughout the on-line academics.”

RAID analyzed its complete program and identified areas that wanted modernizing. Trainer candidates most steadily whinge that they pick up it outdated, cumbersome and anxious when the matters of dive hasten back and forth, dive instruments and persevering with training are compelled collectively in an unrelated presentation — an business well-liked practice — at some stage in their IDP. As a consequence:

“We now like listened and like made the look at room presentations less subtle, extra acceptable and extra fun.”

RAID added needed workshops—Equipment, Continuing Training and Local diving and Shuttle—as integral aspects of every course, thereby inserting off the must insert these matters into any unrelated presentations or tutorial discussions.

This kind that, even though a student will get 100% on all quizzes and exams, they’ll win vital trainer input concerning these particular areas.

RAID has additionally launched a brand tranquil “Trainer Playbook” that replaces the older confined water and open water trainer guides, and is offering a REMOTe-Practicing trainer crossover kit for those instructors who must originate the hasten to becoming RAID-licensed instructors.

“By taking ideal thing about our tranquil IDP designs and utilizing advances in technology, we are in a position to confidently, safely and with ease remark approved instructors to RAID whereas sustaining our high standards.”

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