‘If Only…’ Dive Documentary Premieres Online Today


A documentary about the death of a technical diver is slated to premiere online later nowadays.

High-threat diver and human factors expert Gareth Lock has joined forces with Ashley Bugge to share the memoir of how her husband Brian died abruptly for the duration of a dive.

“If Completely…” launches in relation to nowadays at 18: 49 UK time (07: 49 Hawaii time) on the 2nd anniversary of Brian’s death.

The movie used to be before everything scheduled to premiere within the break month’s TekDiveUSA, but that gathering used to be canceled attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ashley and Gareth will more than possible be running a Facebook Stay session from 18: 35 UK time and ending at 18: 49 when the movie will more than possible be accessible for contributors to look by Vimeo or The Human Diver net page.

Basically primarily primarily based on Gareth:

“One in all the inspirations for this movie used to be ‘Suitable a Routine Operation’ by Martin Bromiley which had a expansive affect on constructing human factors be conscious in healthcare.

“I am hoping that ‘If Completely…’ has the same carry out in diving and extra afield too — showing that the plenty of things which consequence in an accident aren’t easy to ogle at the time and that by discussing these context-prosperous experiences, we can beef up safety for all. We have to impress the procedure in which it made sense for these exciting to attain what they did, despite the indisputable truth that it appears to be like irrational in hindsight.”

Basically primarily primarily based on Ashley:

“For me, it’s not about who’s in fee and who did this or who did that. Right here’s not a blame sport for me. Right here’s about Brian’s existence and death being the foundation for all americans within the diving community to contain in thoughts how their thoughts, feelings, instincts and behaviour all play a fundamental characteristic in being ranking within the water. I’m hoping the anxiety and trauma of losing Brian can lend a hand divers to by no procedure take dangle of anything without a consideration. Each and on every day basis might well also soundless be a college day when it involves diving.”

Gareth Lock and Ashley Bugge during filming of 'If Only...' in November 2019
Gareth Lock and Ashley Bugge for the duration of filming of ‘If Completely…’ in November 2019

Gareth went to Hawaii in November 2019 to movie the memoir of Brian, who used to be an officer with the U.S. Pacific Rapid’s Built-in Undersea Surveillance Systems department. Brian died on Would possibly maybe 20, 2018 in Honolulu, Hawaii whereas off-accountability on a practicing dive. He used to be 35 and Ashley, a diver herself, used to be weeks far off from having their third minute one.

On the day of the accident, Brian used to be utilizing a rebreather instrument that allows divers to recycle air and inject metabolized oxygen. Sadly, he didn’t flip on his oxygen present for his rebreather sooner than entering the water, and inside minutes, he handed out and sank to the ocean ground. Attempts to resuscitate him had been unsuccessful. The manufacturer of the instruments used to be not discovered to be at fault in Brian’s death.

Gareth, who privately funded the documentary, acknowledged:

“I am hoping this movie will act for occasion of what will be done when a yarn will more than possible be informed, and build lives within the strategy. Right here’s simplest the launch of a extraordinarily lengthy whisk to beef up diving safety by taking a peep at the characteristic of human factors in diving incidents.”

Take a look at out the trailer below.