Profile: Valentine Thomas


Valentine Thomas’s aspirations weren’t the least bit times centered on the ocean. Earlier than she fully switched gears to pursue a freediving standard of living, the French-Canadian labored at a hedge fund in the UK. After a day out with friends launched her to every freediving and spearfishing, she was hooked.

Valentine Thomas
Valentine Thomas

Now she has made it her mission to lift consciousness to the normal public about making extra educated decisions in the case of seafood consumption.

We spent some time with Valentine to adore how she developed this passion and calling. How long get you ever been freediving and spearfishing?

Valentine Thomas: I started freediving in 2011, so 8 years ago, and picked up spearfishing just a few months after that.

Valentine Thomas
Valentine Thomas

DB: The attach did you first spearfish?

VT: In a tall-elite and approach destination Ascension Island, in the heart of the Atlantic.

DB: In 2013 you performed an worldwide sage for spearfishing. Are you able to picture what that was love?

VT: It was success bigger than one thing else, to be staunch, and I knew that, however I was very livid, nonetheless. It encouraged me to push through the apprehension I was feeling in the water and it gave me the psychological motivation to better myself in the water.

DB: We know you attain no longer utilize part in freediving competitions, however attain how long you would possibly perchance well preserve your breath underwater?

VT: My static is 5: 45, which I’ll by no formula attain as soon as more as a result of static breath holds are unpleasant, haha!

Valentine Thomas
Valentine Thomas

DB: Beforehand you labored as a authorized official, what was your motivation for switching paths and pursuing this as a profession?

VT: It was a job of self-discovery if that is shining. I’ve the least bit times notion that I wished a obvious route in lifestyles, a winning profession, huge residence, luxurious vehicle, and spearfishing without warning modified that. I’m no longer born stop to the ocean and I the least bit times sold my meals on the grocery retailer without contemplating grand about it, so my love for catching my hold meals indubitably caught me off guard, to teach the least. It brought me a brand novel sense of happiness that I didn’t know existed. I was discovering a brand novel world that was up to now from what I get ever skilled, however additionally that brought me happiness in a brand novel formula that I didn’t know was doubtless – through simplicity and reference to nature. When I was employed to movie a documentary in Africa in 2016, even supposing I was paid barely one thing, it’s after I noticed that loving what I attain was a necessity. Then I discovered that success inside that was correct upon the quantity of work I was willing to attach in.

DB: You would possibly perchance even get acknowledged earlier than that you handiest rob what you utilize. Are you able to picture extra about drinking sustainably?

VT: When I started this standard of living, I was initiating to turn out to be attentive to what I was drinking. It’s additionally after I noticed that we had no longer handiest no data however additionally moderately just a few flawed data, as patrons to blueprint better decisions. I made it my lifestyles mission to own that hole. For now, there are just a few things you would possibly perchance well attain to utilize extra responsibly:

1 – question questions to your fishmongers, where it’s from, one of the best method it was caught, and masses others. Consult apps to guarantee that you aren’t encouraging the unsuitable practices.

2 – Fluctuate the specie you utilize. My favorite fish aren’t fish I’ve heard of earlier than. Be adventurous on the grocery retailer.

3 – Strive to steal eco-labels when you would possibly perchance well (MSC, Ocean Wise, Greenpeace, and masses others.). Don’t be fooled by greenwashing and certification with out a legitimate group to relief it up (Wild-caught, responsibly sourced, sustainable on a bundle formula nothing and is self-declared).

DB: You would possibly perchance even get traveled the arena speaking as an recommend for ocean sustainability. Is there one abilities that stands out from the comfort?

VT: One amongst my first journeys, Zanzibar, Tanzania. I was talking to a native fisherman hoping to squawk him that the utilize of fishing nets on the coral reef was extremely damaging (I was seeing loads underwater). We discussed for some time and he outlined that ensuing from tourism, the designate of meals increased so grand that he couldn’t feed his household anymore. I noticed that industrial fisheries get a large social impact that wished to be regarded as in squawk to produce obvious changes. Here is what pushed me to read on the enviornment in a deeper depth to adore what was occurring and review out to resolve out an proper sensible and viable resolution.

Valentine Thomas
Valentine Thomas

DB: What would you whine is one of the best threat to fish populations?

VT: Atomize! We estimate seafood raze at about 2/3 of what’s being caught. Here is thanks to our demands as patrons and our obsession with a indubitably limited quantity of species. Here is why it would possibly perchance perhaps perchance be critical to change our weight-reduction method in the case of seafood and plod a ways flung from the huge 4 (salmon, seabass, cod, tuna).

DB: What’s a limited step people can utilize to blueprint a inequity?

VT: Eat seafood twice a week handiest. Look ecolabels. Fluctuate the species.  Consult mobile apps (seafood glance is a correct one till I to find mine out hahaha!)

DB: Is there one thing else you would possibly perchance steal to squawk us?

VT: We settle on to halt contemplating that we are above the ecosystem and initiate all for ourselves as phase of it. Now we get an duty, being on top of the meals chain, to utilize care of what’s round us. That doesn’t mean to pass rob your hold meals on the weekends, it handiest formula to take note and to utilize know-how in a formula that’s no longer detrimental for the planet, correct as a result of we have gotten lazy. Your lifestyles obtained’t be a catastrophe so that you can swap obvious habits. Oh and when you detest your job, the planet is a catastrophe aesthetic now, turn out to be an entrepreneur and blueprint the arena a wiser characteristic, the probabilities are infinite.