2023 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest Winners Announced


The Attach Our Seas Foundation has presented that Kat Zhou from the United States has been named Underwater Photographer of the three hundred and sixty five days 2023.

Zhou’s photo of a purple river dolphin breaching the bottom of the Amazon River triumphed over 6,000 photography entered by underwater shutterbugs from 72 countries.

Image credit: © Kat Zhou/UPY2023
Image credit ranking: © Kat Zhou/UPY2023

Zhou’s converse completely frames this endangered species, whose numbers are falling year on year, by photographing it simultaneously above and below the bottom, at sunset.

In accordance with Zhou:

“There’s a story among locals that river dolphins, or ‘botos,’ can rework into pleasing males identified as ‘boto encantado’ to seduce females. Despite the indisputable truth that I did now not observe the transformation, I used to be enchanted by these elegant mammals in a assorted capability. After seeing how botos would in most cases lift their beaks above water, I wished a wreck up shot at sunset. Despite the indisputable truth that the water used to be so darkish that I used to be taking pictures blind, this dolphin gave me a ideal pose and smile!”

Alex Mustard, chair of the opponents judges, commented:

“On the launch uncover easy, then simply ideal. In darkish, tannic waters, Kat has created a striking composition taking pictures this hardly ever photographed and endangered species in a precision composition. Here’s by a long way the appropriate image we’ve ever viewed of this species, whose numbers are declining at an alarming price and whose IUCN’s Red Record spot used to be worryingly uprated to Endangered in 2019.”

For the explanation that contest relies entirely within the UK, Ollie Clarke, an Englishman now living in Australia, used to be named as British Underwater Photographer of the three hundred and sixty five days 2023 for his image “The Swarm” exhibiting a whale shark hidden within a bait ball of smaller fish. Clarke photographed this scene in Ningaloo, Western Australia.

Image credit: © Oliver Clarke/UPY2023
Image credit ranking: © Oliver Clarke/UPY2023

Additionally, Spanish photographer Alvaro Herrero used to be named the Attach Our Seas Foundation Marine Conservation Photographer of the three hundred and sixty five days 2023, with his converse “Hopeless,” taken in Mexico.

Herrero’s photo exhibits a humpback whale demise of starvation because of the it used to be unable to swim neatly after its tail has been damaged from being entangled in ropes and buoys.

Image credit: © Alvaro Herrero/UPY2023
Image credit ranking: © Alvaro Herrero/UPY2023

The fleshy sequence of awarded photography could presumably well presumably properly be viewed on the competition’s web field and within the free

eBook of winners. Thought www.underwaterphotographeroftheyear.com for more.