321FREEDIVE Conference Day 3 Recap


Day 3 of the 321FREEDIVE Convention in Cocoa Sea toddle, Florida featured a host of speakers ranging from champion competitive freedivers to industry experts, speaking each as regards to and in-particular person.

Fatima Korok, holder of several Hungarian national records, spoke about how she prepares for competitions and the highs and lows of being a talented athlete.

Fatima Korok at 321FREEDIVE Conference
Fatima Korok at 321FREEDIVE Convention

Efficiency Freediving Global teacher Lance Lee Davis talked about freediving surf survival and his stunt work on loads of Hollywood tasks, including James Cameron’s “Avatar: The System of Water.” He additionally shared a bunch of correct practicing guidelines.

Lance Lee Davis at 321FREEDIVE Conference
Lance Lee Davis at 321FREEDIVE Convention

Alexey Vlaskin talked as regards to about decompression sickness and freediving, moreover highlighting his product, the DiveBud freediving computer that turned into unveiled closing October.

Alexey Vlaskin at 321FREEDIVE Donference
Alexey Vlaskin at 321FREEDIVE Donference

Liam Abel spoke about his freediving equipment firm, 29/71, and the future of freediving tools and compose. He highlighted the challenges and virtues of designing unique equipment.

Liam Abel at 321FREEDIVE Conference
Liam Abel at 321FREEDIVE Convention

Oliver Christen-Drew, a psychologist of labor and organization moreover a Molchanovs freediving teacher, spoke on the diversities between relaxation and breathe-up.

Oliver Christen-Drew at 321 FRREDIVE Conference
Oliver Christen-Drew at 321 FRREDIVE Convention

Dr. Marc Babi talked as regards to about the newurology of freediving and incident administration. He described the connections between the heart. lungs and brain moreover how the brain reacts to low oxygen ranges.

Dr. Marc Babi at 321FREEDIVE Conference
Dr. Marc Babi at 321FREEDIVE Convention

Ben Collins, product manager for GARMIN Dive, discussed pursuing the precise dive and using metrics to crimson meat up freedive practicing. One tip: “Lovely sleep hygiene is serious to restoration.”

GARMIN's Ben Collins at 321FREEDIVE Conference
GARMIN’s Ben Collins at 321FREEDIVE Convention

Allie Reilly, founder of Samudra Trail alongside with the circulation, talked about breath work and some pleasant advantages of yoga in freeediving. Breath is the root of circulate, she mentioned, and described some pleasant advantages of respiration deeply and fully moreover Pranayama and the traditions of breath consciousness.

Allie Reilly at 321FREEDIVE Conference
Allie Reilly at 321FREEDIVE Convention

Champion freediver William Trubridge ended the day with a virtual session from Taiwan, the build he talked about his experiences with decompression sickness in freediving. He famed that with the increasing depths competitive freedivers are reaching, DCS is becoming extra prevalent, and build suggested some proposed protocols for treating DCS for freedivers.

William Trubridge talks about his DCS experience at 321FREEDIVE Conference
William Trubridge talks about his DCS abilities at 321FREEDIVE Convention