Ocean Justice Forum Unveils New Policy Platform


The Ocean Justice Forum, a community of 18 grassroots and national nonprofit organizations from across the US, this week unveiled its fresh “Ocean Justice Platform.”

The platform is a consensus-essentially based completely protection proposal that outlines what a merely ocean future could perhaps perhaps well composed peek like for coastal communities across the country.

The platform — consensus-essentially based completely federal ocean protection solutions that promote racial, climate, environmental and economic justice — sets five priorities to data policymakers’ design to merely and equitable ocean protection:

  • “Provide protection to the ocean and the benefits it provides for all: A wholesome ocean provides communities with economic alternatives, recreation, cultural and non secular practices, and more. Insurance policies to give protection to and restore ocean health by 30×30 and reasonably about a efforts must embody the perspectives of ocean justice communities and present equitable access to wholesome coastlines.
  • “Alleviate the disproportionate burden of pollution on ocean justice communities: Pollution from fossil fuels, agricultural runoff, plastics, and more disproportionately have an impression on ocean justice communities. Protection makers must preserve polluting industries to blame while also reducing and laying aside pollutants.
  • “Promote an economic system that sustains the ocean and communities that rely on it: A merely ocean economic system must prioritize of us over companies and uplift communities with family-sustaining jobs. It’s on policymakers to embody communities in resolution making and make obvious they’ll pork up their historical and broken-down ways of life
  • “Uplift justly-sourced renewable energy from the ocean: The ocean has more to present than destructive fossil fuels. It’s time to pause taxpayer pork up of offshore oil and gas that has harmed ocean justice communities, put away with port emissions, and transition to justly sourced renewable energy.
  • “Prioritize community social cohesion in catastrophe response and adaptation investments: For too long, ocean justice communities have now not had ample pork up from the federal authorities as they face rising tides and stronger storms. Policymakers must improve planning, present sources to diminish anticipated impacts, and amplify investments in emergency response to abet communities recover so that they’ve the sources and pork up main to wreck their possess immediate and long-interval of time decisions.”

It is probably going you’ll perhaps perhaps well presumably take a look at out the Ocean Justice Forum’s work at https://www.oceanjusticeforum.data or admire the video below.

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