Blue Force Fleet Moves Liveaboard Yacht From Red Sea To the Maldives


Blue Pressure Like a flash has announced that it is a long way transferring one of its liveaboard vessels from the Red Sea to the Maldives.

The Red Sea Blue Pressure 3 will scheme her closing cruise within the Red Sea on November 19th, 2022. The next December 1st she will skim to the Maldives, where she will probably be half of the Blue Pressure Like a flash schedule initiating build March 25th, 2023, below the alternate name Maldives Blue Pressure 3.

The Maldives Blue Pressure 3 will probably be half of the Maldives Blue Pressure One, which has been working within the predicament for some time.

The 42m/138ft-prolonged Maldives Blue Pressure 3 can lift a most skill of 26 passengers in 12 air-conditioned cabins.

For more knowledge on costs and itineraries, coast to

Sam Helmy

Sam Helmy

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