New Scubapro Dive Gear Coming To You In 2022


Scuba Pro has launched the free up of a host of most up-to-date dive tools for 2022.

The tools is across a huge series of objects, in conjunction with BCDs, fins, regulators, and other accessories. Objects coming out in 2022 consist of:

  • Mk25 Evo Sad Tech with G260 Carbon Sad Tech Scuba Regulator: The original setup will also be fitted with the Sad Tech DLC coating for increased durability.
  • MK19 First Stage is a relate substitute for the MK17 and provides improved efficiency in a compact develop.
  • S270 2d Stage will also be paired with the MK11 and MK2 EVO first phases.
  • Stand up BCD wrap-around style BCD aimed in direction of the younger diver.
  • Sport Bound Scuba Fin is a mild-weight equipment that might perchance well also presumably be a truly finest match for the touring diver.
  • Jawz Ti scuba diving rescue instrument is made from corrosion-resistant titanium and provides very finest versatility and efficiency in an emergency.
  • Digital Coronary heart Price Belt will also be paired to the Scubapro dive laptop and adds pores and skin temperature and heart price as components into the laptop’s decompression calculations.

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Sam Helmy

Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Trainer Trainer, and PADI Workers and Trimix Trainer. diving for 28 years, a dive pro for 14, I if truth be told absorb traveled widely chasing my ardour for diving. I’m smitten by every thing diving, with a fervent interest in exploration, Sharks and gigantic stuff, Photography and Decompression theory. diving is totally the one and ideal ardour that has stayed with me my total lifestyles!