Huge Shark Fin Haul Confiscated By Colombia


An gigantic haul of unlawful shark fins has been confiscated by the authorities in Colombia.

The fins had been portion of a shipment being trafficked to Hong Kong from Bogota airport that changed into as soon as packed up in 10 programs. When the environmental authorities had been notified, they swept into action and seized the unlawful fins.

In complete, there had been 3,493 fins within the shipment, and consultants imagine that between 900 and 1,000 sharks had been killed for his or her fins different in size from between 1 and 5 meters. Colombian authorities indicated that the fins originated within the southwest, from the municipality of Roldanillo.

Per the environment secretary for the city of Bogota Carolina Urrutia:

“The shipping company changed into as soon as who originally alerted environmental authorities and police. The police are taking samples to grab exactly what species they are, but we all know that there are bigger than three species of shark which exist in Colombian waters.”

Huge Shark Fin Haul Confiscated By Colombia 3

Sam Helmy

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