The Winners Of The Great Shark Race Have Been Announced


The winners of the Man Harvey Analysis Institute Obedient Shark Speed had been introduced, with CUDDLES nabbing first plight in the Shortfin Mako class and AGT-MILO2 winning the Whale Shark class.

AGT-MILO2 traveled 4,177 miles/6,722km, whereas CUDDLES swam 3,207 miles/5,161km over the route of the nearly-seven-month “bolt.”

The most fresh in ocean vegetation and fauna tracking technology became aged to measure bolt results. A fin-mounted SPOT satellite label on every shark allowed them to be tracked in shut to-valid-time on the GHRI Speed Tracking Web blueprint. These SPOT tags relayed major info support to researchers, including the space that every shark lined as they swam around the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea.

The competition became divided into two races: the shortfin makos, the quickest marine creatures on the earth that would possibly well possibly swim as much as 44mph/71kph, and the whale sharks, which, no longer surprisingly, are among the slowest swimmers.

Great Shark Race - Shortfin Mako
Obedient Shark Speed – Shortfin Mako

The three racing mako sharks traveled a blended 8,900+ miles/14,323km:

· CUDDLES, backed by Penmanship, became declared the victor with 3,207 miles/5,161km logged, followed closely by:

· CAISON, backed by Licensed Contracting Community, Inc., traveling 3,073 miles/4,946km, and;

· FISHANGLER, backed by Fishangler App, which completed third with 2,627 miles/4,228km.

Great Shark Race - Whale Shark
Obedient Shark Speed – Whale Shark

As for the whale shark class, the 5 whale shark racers had been:

· AGT-MILO2, backed by Developed Green Technologies, became declared the victor with 4,177 miles/6,722km logged; followed by:

· GLASS CUTTER, backed by Miller Glass & Glazing, Inc., with 2,761 miles/4,443km;

· DIABLO, backed by Crawford Roofing, Inc., which traveled 2,718 miles/4,374km.

· CONTAGIOUS ENERGY, backed by the Moss Foundation, which travelled 1,979 miles/3,185km; and

· SPEED RACER, backed by the Boatyard Restaurant, which travelled 873 miles/1,405km for 56 days sooner than its label bought entangled in fishing line and stopped reporting.

In step with Mahmood Shivji, director of Nova Southeastern University’s GHRI and the Put Our Seas Foundation Shark Analysis Heart:

“Every person loves a contest, so we conception this is on the total a tall, fun, participating technique to enhance public consciousness about the dire build of living of both these endangered shark species and an efficient technique to entice sponsors to additional fund this prolonged-term compare. The announcement became timed to Shark Week when the highlight shines brightest on sharks. From the work we’ve completed, we all know that both these species can rush as much as 12,000 miles in a single twelve months so our honest is to exhaust original info to heed where they sprint, after they sprint and doubtlessly why they rush to those explicit locations.”

Test out where the total sharks swam right here.