PADI Launches New PADI AWARE Foundation


In celebration of World Oceans Day this week, PADI announced the creation of the PADI AWARE Foundation.

The non-income public charity can be devoted to riding native movement for world ocean conservation.

The recent foundation shares PADI’s mission to amplify advocacy and make severe ocean conservation targets within the years forward. Leveraging the dive coaching agency’s huge membership network of Dive Amenities and Hotels — “PADI Mission Hubs” — the enviornment over, the PADI AWARE Foundation will operate as an independent non-income group supported by the PADI label and group.

The recent foundation will beget citizen-led conservation and activism gains, as well to amplify most up-to-date ones, to take care of key ocean threats, equivalent to marine debris, native climate replace, marine habitat loss and inclined species protection across the planet.

Per Drew Richardson, president and CEO of PADI Worldwide:

“Saving the ocean requires all of us spherical the globe acting collectively in thousands of ways on native and world levels, united by our passion to present steadiness between humanity and the ocean across the planet. As we enlist PADI Torchbearers and help them to alter into world ambassadors within the movement to assign the ocean, it is severe that we present a clear pathway to movement.”

As one in every of its first initiatives, the foundation will open a Neighborhood Grant Program in 2021, offering powerful-wished monetary resources to enable native ocean protection initiatives hosted by PADI Mission Hubs.

To help enable localized efforts, PADI this week launched a “Conservation Activities Locator” on, empowering divers and non-divers alike to search, watch and rob in ocean conservation activities, events and gains — inner and out of the water — with PADI Contributors across the planet.

By their joint “Blueprint for Ocean Circulation,” PADI and the PADI AWARE Foundation will work to:

· Rid the oceans of marine debris: In the reduction of marine debris by 50% in targeted worldwide locations by strategic partnerships and the PADI AWARE Neighborhood Grant Program.

· Multiply the sequence of Marine Exact Areas (MPAs): Protect 30% of the ocean by accomplice collaboration and expansion of the Adopt a Dive Situation program.

· Protect endangered and inclined marine species: Protect 20 inclined shark and ray species by deploying in-country conservation campaigns.

· Proceed up coral reef recovery and restoration: Restore 5% of coral reef habitats by citizen science gains and venture funding for key coral reef habitats.

· In the reduction of and offset the carbon footprint of the diving industry: Attain carbon neutrality across the PADI group’s present chain and mobilize PADI Torchbearers to restore, give protection to and fund seagrass habitats to offset carbon.

Richardson added:

“To make these targets, we can unite the largest network of dive centers and hotels, dive mavens, and citizen divers the enviornment has ever seen in uncover to say movement as PADI Torchbearers in their communities, linking native movement to world influence. The vision for the Conservation Activities Locator software program is to enable divers and various ocean enthusiasts to turn their passions into reason and produce forward a recent era of ocean stewardship and sustainability.”

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