Could Sharks Have Nearly Gone Extinct Millions Of Years Ago?


Sharks were on the earth’s oceans for thousands and thousands of years, and it sounds as if the decimation of their population in recent decades isn’t the first time it’s took region.

A novel glance printed not too long ago has figured out that the global shark population took a large hit about 19 million years ago, with regards to going extinct.

While scientists can’t reasonably pin down the reason in the support of this shut to-extinction, they did acquire in sediment samples that the abundance of sharks declined by more than 70 percent staunch thru the early Miocene period.

The shark population that managed to outlive and evolve over the following 2 to 5 million years after that tournament is barely a limited piece of what the population frail to be, in step with the glance in Science Magazine:

“There might maybe be not any identified climatic and/or environmental driver of this extinction, and its trigger remains a thriller.”

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Could Sharks Have Nearly Gone Extinct Millions Of Years Ago? 3

John Liang

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