Project AWARE Supports Mako Sharks In Brazil, South Africa


PADI’s Mission AWARE is urging dive operators in Brazil and South Africa to work with local stakeholders and public opinion to name on their governments to augment the fishing ban on Mako sharks within the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mako shark campaign launched in February 2021 and is a collaboration between The PADI AWARE Basis and the Shark League. It objectives to bag Brazil and South Africa to uncover complications with Mako shark overfishing and for them to augment the ban.

Per Ian Campbell, the Affiliate Director for Coverage and Campaigns on the PADI AWARE Basis:

“Mako sharks are in particular vulnerable to overfishing, especially within the North Atlantic, the save we contain viewed populations decline severely. It is miles at display conceal estimated that the shark inhabitants will have 50 years to totally recover if fishing bans contain been applied lately. By working straight with PADI Participants to grab consciousness of the sphere with the diving community, we aim to enlist governmental reinforce of mako shark protections within the Atlantic.”

It is probably you’ll impress the petition to rupture Mako shark overfishing right here.

Project AWARE Supports Mako Sharks In Brazil, South Africa 3

Sam Helmy

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