PADI Women’s Dive Day To Help Save The Oceans


This twelve months’s PADI Ladies folks’s Dive Day might delight in a tackle saving our oceans.

The correct tournament will exhaust space on July 17, 2021, even though conservation events will be held right through June and July.

To support the course of open from World Oceans Day on June 8, 2021, PADI has launched a “discover a conservation tournament” web notify, alongside the well-liked web notify the establish you might register your PADI Ladies folks’s Dive Day tournament.

Commenting on the new synergy between inclusion and environmentalism, PADI Worldwide Chief Save and Membership Officer Kristin Valette said:

“PADI Ladies folks’s Dive Day has been a chance for PADI Dive Facilities, Accommodations and Consultants to unite as a neighborhood to foster vary and inclusion in the dive industry for a extra healthy other folks and planet. This twelve months, stronger than ever, we will be in a position to come together – physically or nearly about – as an empowered neighborhood to exhaust local action for world conservation affect. We’re deciding on to be allotment of the solution.”

Yow will stumble on an enviornment conservation tournament here or register your PADI Ladies folks’s Dive Day tournament here.

PADI Women’s Dive Day To Help Save The Oceans 3

Sam Helmy

Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Teacher Trainer, and PADI Crew and Trimix Teacher. diving for 28 years, a dive expert for 14, I delight in traveled widely chasing my passion for diving. I am angry by all the things diving, with a appealing pastime in exploration, Sharks and immense stuff, Photography and Decompression view. diving is smartly the one and handiest passion that has stayed with me my entire lifestyles!