Neptonics Releases the C4 FALCON Freediving Mask


Neptonics has launched the launch of its C4 FALCON freediving veil.

The veil is the map of famed freediving merchandise creator Enrico Sala and is readily obtainable exclusively from Neptonics. Designed particularly for deep freediving, the FALCON affords a host of aspects, along with:

  • Low inner quantity.
  • Hydrodynamic map allowing the veil to lower during the water smoothly.
  • A at ease silicone skirt with an inner gasket and a velvet enact for very most attention-grabbing sealing properties.
  • Soft and optimized field of vision

Even supposing the veil is firstly designed for freediving, its very most attention-grabbing field of vision makes it additionally kindly for spearfishing.

The FALCON veil retails for US$79.99/~£57/~€66.

That you would be in a position to also discover more about the FALCON veil here.

Neptonics Releases the C4 FALCON Freediving Mask 3

Sam Helmy

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