Karen van den Oever Sets New Women’s Deep Cave Diving Record


Karen van den Oever of South Africa fair currently broke the ladies’s deep cave diving fable.

On March 26, 2021, Van den Oever dove to 236.04 meters (770 toes) at Bushmansgat Cave in South Africa’s Northern Cape province with a bottom gas of trimix 6/85, exceeding the outdated ladies’s deep cave diving fable of 221 meters (721 toes) map by Verna van Schaik in 2004.

The dive lasted seven hours and 18 minutes. Adjusting for Bushmansgat’s altitude of 1550 meters (5085 toes), her dive became once the same to a sea-level dive to 283 meters (928 toes).

According to Van den Oever:

“This became once a dive that I primarily win been practising for a protracted time. It became once a no longer easy dive. You sing no longer for the dives that run well however for when issues don’t run well. I obvious to turn at 236 meters/774 toes, as my intuition told me that this became once where I mandatory to cease.”

Karen van den Oever Sets New Women's Deep Cave Diving Record 3

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