GUE Releases New, Updated Edition Of ‘Fundamentals Of Better Diving’


World Underwater Explorers own released a brand new model of “The Fundamentals of Better diving.”

The brand new model charts a recent route for those seeking to salvage the most out of their diving, demonstrating what’s distinctive in every GUE’s thought as well to utter. The e book is a relish trove of primary data referring to capacity enhancement, crew orientation, and risk mitigation—primary for an expert technical divers as well to newcomers.

Whereas the first model of this e book defined and popularized the price of usual protocols, the new model provides a clearer prescription for divers seeking to adopt sound diving practices while augmenting their diving capacity and underwater readiness. Bettering underwater competency reduces stress and finally ends up in a extra totally ecstatic and big diving expertise.

The e book gains 10 chapters stuffed with every part from dive planning and underwater balance to subtle propulsion and diving physiology.

The Fundamentals of Better diving,” on hand in six languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese language), would possibly perchance simply also be bought thru for US$24.95/€19.95, as well to in an instant from GUE, some Halcyon Sellers, and GUE Dive Facilities.

GUE's 'Fundamentals of Better Diving'
GUE’s ‘Fundamentals of Better diving

GUE Releases New, Updated Edition Of 'Fundamentals Of Better Diving' 3

John Liang

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