Sea & Sea Unveils New MDX-R5 Housing For Canon EOS R5


Sea & Sea has offered the introduction of its most up-to-date housing for the Canon EOS R5.

The original MDX-R5 is from the MDX line of housings and aspects a bunch of advanced aspects as accepted and a original original invent. Ingredients of the original housing consist of:

  • Ergonomic invent with all main controls within easy reach.
  • All camera control buttons are marked with luminescent stickers.
  • Constructed-in leak sensor for peace of thoughts.
  • Lens Lock gadget to swap lenses with out hunting down the camera from the housing.
  • 24mm port fantastic of facing HDMI 2 cables.
  • Compatibility with an optical converter moreover as a handbook flash station off.

You may maybe well maybe web out extra files right here.

Sea & Sea Unveils New MDX-R5 Housing For Canon EOS R5 4

Sam Helmy

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