DAN Europe Cards Going Digital and Green


The Divers Alert Community Europe has announced that it’ll no longer be sending out plastic cards to members.

As a change, members will likely be ready to see and employ a digital model of the card from their DAN Europe app or via the “My DAN” recount of the websites.

Members will mild receive the tips packs along with your complete relevant facts about their membership stage. According to DAN Europe Vice President Laura Marroni:

“The diving neighborhood and the DAN Europe team fragment the classic values of like for the ocean, and environmental protection. PVC is principally the most classic plastic ancient to manufacture cards. When it’s thrown away, it breaks into smaller pieces, which would possibly fabricate their manner into our oceans and eventually be consumed by marine existence and enter the food chain. In the case of our surroundings, every little bit counts, and switching out PVC membership cards for one thing with low environmental impact will very a lot support.”

You can see more right here, or take a look at out a video about the DAN app below.

DAN Europe Cards Going Digital and Green 3

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