Bite-Back 2021 Calendar Now Available To Buy


Bite-Support Shark & Marine Conservation has equipped that its magnificent 2021 calendar is now on hand for sale.

The calendar is a collaboration between main photographers and the charity aiming to make the UK shark fin-free. Contributors encompass:

  • Alex Mustard.
  • Amanda Cotton.
  • Christian Vizl.
  • David Doubilet.
  • Doug Perrine.
  • Ellen Cuylaerts.
  • George Probst.
  • Greg Lecouer.
  • Jason Isley.
  • Laura Storm.
  • Shawn Heinrichs.
  • Tanya Houppermans.

The photographers every submitted an image, with accompanying commentary, to assemble an ravishing visual feast. In response to Graham Buckingham, marketing campaign director at Bite-Support:

“This model is packed with spectacular photos to hasten the soul and remind the sphere of the charismatic creatures which might maybe most definitely be in risk from human activity. Every raise of this calendar will at once fund our campaigns to full the replace and consumption of shark products in the UK… For the the same of a £1 a month, we hope scuba divers and ocean lovers will salvage to enjoy this rare and luxurious assortment of photos, lustrous they are contributing to our breakthroughs for the oceans.”

Useless to advise, the A4 calendar is printed on environmentally suited recycled paper utilizing vegetable-primarily based mostly completely inks.

The calendar retails for £12/~US$15.80/~€13, and you most definitely can additionally raise the Bite-Support Calendar here.

Bite-Back 2021 Calendar Now Available To Buy 3

Sam Helmy

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