Check Out SEAC’s New Screen Console, Wrist Mounted Computer


SEAC has presented its most up-to-date dive computer, the SEAC Cover.

The contemporary computer is feature-rich and would be stale on the wrist or console-mounted.

Aspects of the SEAC Cover encompass:

  • Substantial Dot Matrix present for ease of reading underwater.
  • As much as 2 breathing gasoline mixes.
  • Nitrox as much as 99% Oxygen.
  • Makes use of the confirmed Buhlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm.
  • Alarms to utter the diver about depth, time, or breathing mix violations.
  • Three dive modes: gauge, freedive, and scuba.

The contemporary SEAC Cover would be wrist-mounted or console-mounted hoping on the diver’s resolution. Firmware updates and desktop tool is on the market free of label in say that you just would per chance download your entire most up-to-date dive recordsdata.

The SEAC display camouflage retails for US$369/~£271/~€305 as a console unit, including a strain gauge, or $269/~£197/~€222 as a wrist-mounted unit.

For added recordsdata, scamper to

Check Out SEAC's New Screen Console, Wrist Mounted Computer 3

Sam Helmy

Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Instructor Coach, and PADI Workers and Trimix Instructor. diving for 28 years, a dive professional for 14, I in actuality have traveled extensively chasing my ardour for diving. I’m hooked in to every little thing diving, with a alive to interest in exploration, Sharks and sizable stuff, Photography and Decompression theory. diving is without problems the one and most provocative ardour that has stayed with me my complete lifestyles!