Buy A Tee, Remove 1kg of Ocean-Bound Plastic


For each and each account for made this weekend on the DeeperBlue Generous Clothes store, 1kg of ocean-certain plastic is recovered and recycled. This plastic slay is eradicated from coastal communities across our planet, with each and each account for stopping the identical of 50 plastic bottles coming into our oceans. The people within the attend of our store – Teemill – is funding the recovery thru PlasticBank.

And keep in mind that each and each single merchandise you carry supports keeping our workforce working on our mission to serve you informed of all the pieces happening within the diving world, provide you with a licensed build to chat with fellow divers within the forums, to boot to serve you inspired on social media.

Head to to envision up on the variety and shop now Official Clothing - Now Available Generous Clothes – Now Obtainable

Buy A Tee, Remove 1kg of Ocean-Bound Plastic 3

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