Renowned Underwater Photographer Amos Nachoum Will Join ‘DIVE IN’ Webinar


Her DeepnessDr. Sylvia Earle and her daughter (and ocean suggest in her like correct) Liz Taylor can have notorious underwater shutterbug Amos Nachoum on their exhibit “DIVE IN” this week to talk about about an moral and non-invasive methodology to images and ecotourism.

Rather a range of of us have requested how the mavens were ready to bewitch such truly useful images of sharks with out inflicting them any wretchedness or stress, as successfully as how finish the photographers no longer impact their habitats or impact their habits? Additionally, is it a correct recommendation to “chum” the water so the sharks seem in an inflamed sing?

DIVE IN with Liz and Sylvia is a casual, free-flowing, and academic conversation and encourages ocean lovers of all ages to enroll in and if that’s the case inclined, recall half by capacity of text or tell. Sylvia, Liz, and Amos will recall questions by capacity of Q & A text and tell call-in from the attendees.

The webinar will happen this Thursday, November 12th at 6: 00pm US Eastern Time/3: 00pm Pacific.

To register for the webinar, click on right here.

(Image Credit score: Amos Nachoum)

Renowned Underwater Photographer Amos Nachoum Will Join 'DIVE IN' Webinar 3

John Liang

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