US Government Seeks Input On EEZ Mapping


Given the value and importance of the waters off the coasts of the US, the US authorities is looking out for public input on learn the answer to implement a most contemporary federal technique for mapping the waters of the nation’s Unique Economic Zones.

The Nationwide Ocean Mapping, Exploration, and Characterization Council (NOMEC Council) wants knowledge “on taking part stakeholders in creating the Implementation Idea for the Nationwide Approach, and the processes that will effect particular implementation is told by and attentive to all sectors through sustained engagement and efficient partnerships.”

The NOMEC Council has begun creating the Implementation Idea and is soliciting for public input “to effect knowledge from a wide collection of stakeholders, including academia, non-public trade, and diverse linked organizations and institutions to blueprint input on stakeholder engagement in creating and executing the Implementation Idea.”

The council printed two items of questions it seeks solutions.

In one put of residing of questions, the council is asking:

“1. What does successful implementation search for admire to your organization, sector, or hobby group? How blueprint you anticipate your organization or sector will participate within the NOMEC implementation?

“2. What explicit implementation actions will seemingly be of value to your organization/sector?

“3. How must peaceable the Council accurately carry your organization and/or sector in creating an implementation notion? How must peaceable we carry your organization to gain ongoing suggestions at some stage in implementation?

“4. What actions is your organization currently endeavor, has only within the near past undertaken, or is planning that will give a enhance to or absorb the earnings of NOMEC implementation? What processes and connections will seemingly be required to comprehend these opportunities?

“5. What publicly accessible databases and archives does your organization provide that will home knowledge linked to NOMEC?

“6. Who are the extra partners which will seemingly be desired to effectively notion and blueprint a successful NOMEC program one day, to boot to of us that can serve disseminate knowledge from this work to replacement audiences? How would possibly perhaps seemingly perhaps perhaps Federal agencies more effectively carry these partners? If there are barriers to this cooperation, please express. Please blueprint no longer very top limit your responses to organizations which will seemingly be traditionally mad about this work, nonetheless also mediate how we are going to carry diverse groups that can effect indispensable contributions.”

In one other put of residing of questions, the council wants to grab:

“1. NOMEC Approach Purpose 3.1 ‘Identify Strategic Priorities’ describes the need for strategic ocean exploration and characterization priorities and lists some examples. What blueprint you are feeling are the largest strategic national priorities for exploration and characterization efforts within the deep sea (depth >40 m)? These will seemingly be explicit geographic areas inside of the U.S. EEZ or thematic/topical divulge priorities.

“2. What are the largest questions for exploration and characterization to take care of?

“3. What are the largest knowledge variables that have to be measured, and what are basically the most treasured physical samples to web; to habits baseline exploration and characterization?

“4. What novel or established tools, platforms, and applied sciences would possibly perhaps seemingly perhaps perhaps reach our functionality to search out, and express the U.S. EEZ more efficiently and effectively? To the extent innovative capabilities exist already, nonetheless are no longer being effectively pale, what are the barriers to adopting them? How can these barriers be overcome?

“5. Deep waters inside of the U.S. EEZ host a wide model of habitats and geomorphological aspects (e.g., continental cabinets, canyons, seamounts, trenches, abyssal plains, and mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones of the water column). Which of them of these blueprint you watched are most indispensable to search out to take care of the priority questions you identified above?

“6. How can man made intelligence and machine discovering out be pale to files planning, execution, and analysis of exploration and characterization actions?

“7. How must peaceable the files generated by implementation of the Approach be managed in express that it’s most accessible and indispensable (file formats, compatibility, etc.) to public and non-public sectors?”

You more than seemingly can read the authorities’s plump Implementation Idea here.