Nautilus Dive Adventures Adds San Ignacio Lagoon Itineraries


Nautilus Liveaboards has offered it is adding itineraries to San Ignacio Lagoon this cool weather.

All thru the trips, that now you can trip the majesty of the migrating grey whales that attain to the lagoons of Baja California every cool weather.

All thru their time in the lagoons, the whales attain out of their shell and are not as disturbed with human guests, which is a recipe for magical encounters. All thru this time, meetings may perchance also be had with courting grownup whales and mother and calf pairs. Identified as light giants, grey whales can attain 40ft/12m in size, and adults can weigh an fabulous 60,000 lbs/ 27,275 kg. The whales complete the longest known migration across the Pacific Ocean of 22,000 km/13,672 miles.

The novel itinerary is a 4-day, 3-night glamping adventure in step with the shores of the San Ignacio lagoon. All thru the outing, you will receive three to four 90-minute whale searching at sessions reckoning on the marine parks’ capacity.

Trips begin on January 25 and 28, 2020. You may perchance well derive out more data right here, or take a look at out a video of searching on the grey whales below.

Nautilus Dive Adventures Adds San Ignacio Lagoon Itineraries 4

Sam Helmy

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