Check Out The Snorklean: Mouth Piece Protection for Divers And Snorkelers


There is a contemporary product on the market aimed at conserving divers and snorkelers marvelous in the skills of COVID-19: the Snorklean!

The contemporary plan affords security for mouthpieces on each and every regulator second phases and snorkels.

The Snorklean is a protective sleeve that’s placed over the mouthpieces of condo equipment to plan a replaceable barrier between users.

In accordance with the inventor of the Snorklean:

“It all started at some stage in our first vacation out of the country as a family. We were able to allotment the magic of scuba diving and snorkeling together. As we gave the kids rented snorkels, we asked each and every diversified, ‘is that this snorkel mouthpiece hygienic?’ We straight away came up with the root for SNORKLEAN, a scuba diving and snorkel mouthpiece sleeve that protects our family from germs.”

System of the Snorklean contain:

  • Easy to set up and spend
  • Reusable and manufactured from FDA-current Silicone.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Could perhaps perchance additionally be weak by kids and adults.
  • On hand in quite a bit of colors for ease of identification.

You would possibly get out more about the Snorklean here or take a look at out the video under.

Check Out The Snorklean: Mouth Piece Protection for Divers And Snorkelers 3

Sam Helmy

Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer, and PADI Workers and Trimix Instructor. diving for 28 years, a dive effective for 14, I undoubtedly procure traveled widely chasing my ardour for diving. I’m hooked in to all the issues diving, with a eager ardour in exploration, Sharks and gargantuan stuff, Photography and Decompression belief. diving is with out a doubt the one and handiest ardour that has stayed with me my total lifestyles!