Turtles Are Being Returned To Biscayne Bay In Florida


Marine debris is among the finest threats to marine existence, namely turtles. As a result, one of many first steps to preserve to repopulate turtle populations is to fight stated marine debris.

Thru varied initiatives undertaken in Florida in the early and mid-2010s, there had been several success stories. Arguably basically the major success dates benefit to motion taken in 2015 when the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Debris Program collaborated with Coastal Cleanup Company to natty the Biscayne National Park.

The match took affirm over 25 days, and a huge quantity of debris used to be eliminated, together with:

  • Ghost nets and traplines.
  • 485 lobster trap substances.
  • 515 abandoned buoys.

The implications around the cleanup effort had been spectacular. After careful monitoring the following year, scientists celebrated that 1,658 loggerhead sea turtles hatched on Biscayne Bay beaches, when when compared with 1,000 the year earlier than.

The experiments and efforts showed, indisputably, that combating marine debris is among the keys to restoring turtle populations.

Take a look at out the NOAA Blog for added files.

Turtles Are Being Returned To Biscayne Bay In Florida 3

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