10 Features To Look For In A Freediving Computer


While potentialities are you’ll even be in the marketplace for your first freediving pc, the overabundance of files and specs for every pc can change into overwhelming and depart you feeling at a loss for words. Newbie freedivers seriously would maybe now not abolish certain of what exactly they need from their dive computers and what aspects to gape for. They are able to moreover honest correct exhaust a dive pc that is designed purely for scuba and omit out on a lot of recommended data that a freediving pc can provide. We rob a gape at assorted specs which could be available on freediving computers under.

Present and Most Depth

These two pieces of files are the very frequent specs we are able to seek data from for from a freediving pc. While potentialities are you’ll even be relaxing diving off of the line, it’s reassuring so as to gape down at your wrist and label how deep potentialities are you’ll even be exactly. It is moreover recommended for coaching to glance your maximum depth, seriously when you grew to change into early and are looking out for to know where you stopped.

Dive Log

A dive log/history is a extraordinarily recommended component in a freediving pc. The ability to glance your entire previous dives and set apart track of them on the dive pc itself, on a smartphone software, or by yourself pc pc can abet you analyze your outdated dive instances, depths, and dive speeds, helping you propose future coaching wishes.

Dive Time

Freediving training on a line.
Freedivers coaching on a line. Photograph by Yahia Barakah.

Knowing your dive time is astronomical for measuring ground intervals, which is one thing freedivers would maybe moreover mute see out for both on and off the line. As you growth in going deeper in the ocean, it’s moreover recommended to know your dive time so you would calculate your dive tempo (in case your dive pc does now not have that person characteristic).

Ascent Payment

Ascent rates are a extraordinarily significant component that contributes to the risk of decompression sickness for freedivers. This is able to moreover be calculated by yourself when you’ll want a dive pc that shows your dive time, nonetheless dive computers which have this characteristic constructed-in can expose you your ascent tempo in actual-time, saving you the priority of doing the additional math.

Depth Notifications

This characteristic turns into extremely significant when you delivery discovering out systems to freefall. Depth notifications honest correct abolish a single notification when you attain a specified depth, as against some dive alarms that proceed to beep when you set apart under the specified depth. Some freediving computers offer the alternative between audible and vibration alarms, to boot, which is astronomical for freedivers who have a desire.

Surface Interval Time/Dread

Surface intervals are significant to see out for as a result of risk of decompression sickness in freediving. There would possibly be a formula for preserving track of your ground interval time after a dive, and with a dive pc that shows you your ground interval time, you would calculate how grand time it’s fundamental to wait prior to diving again. Some newer dive computers have advance out with a ground interval apprehension characteristic. With this characteristic, you would exhaust your time freely at your buoy or in the course of the leisure phase of your subsequent dive and wait to genuinely feel or hear the apprehension.


Underwater shot of the freedivers training static breath hold in shallow water of a calm bay. Coach watching student
Freediving static coaching in shallow water.

A stopwatch is an very honest correct characteristic for coaching functions, such as with static or dynamic CO2 tables. At the same time as you would get a separate water-resistant stopwatch for your coaching sessions, it’s honest correct to have this constructed into your dive pc and steer determined of having to undergo in thoughts but but one more thing to elevate with you to the pool.

Rechargeable Battery

Some freedivers pause now not are looking out for to struggle through the bother of getting their battery changed every one year, seriously if it requires going to a retailer that has to replace it for you and drive test it, which would possibly veritably rob more than one days reckoning on how grand work they’ve. Computers with rechargeable batteries honest correct must be recharged by the user, equivalent to tidy/sports watches, and the annual battery exchange time out can change into a thing of the previous.


While potentialities are you’ll even be a spearfisher or need to hunt for underwater buoys or dive internet sites which could be unmarked on the ground, GPS would maybe moreover moreover be an gorgeous characteristic for discovering certain underwater spots. Certain dive computers with GPS can designate you clearly the route it’s fundamental to meander and the scheme some distance away potentialities are you’ll even be from the verbalize. Some dive computers even befriend you set apart spots and part them with others who have the the same pc, enabling you to moreover gape recent spots shut to you.

Coronary heart Payment Show screen

A heart charge track would maybe moreover moreover be an integral phase of your freediving coaching. It’ll expose you the scheme speedy your heart is beating prior to, in the course of, and after your dive. These freediving computers will either have the guts charge track constructed into the underside of the see face or advance with a separate strap that you wear under your wetsuit against your bare chest.

Final Recommendations

Dive computers change into an integral phase of your freediving coaching as you trip deeper depths and rob more generous certification programs. They are the one fraction of equipment that you’ll seemingly make investments most of your money in, nonetheless moreover one which would possibly set apart your lifestyles and abet you growth on your coaching. Guarantee that to check the specs of each and every pc potentialities are you’ll even be brooding about, be taught reviews, and seek data from the strategies of assorted freedivers prior to procuring a recent dive pc.