Ikelite Announces New Hosing For The Canon EOS 850D


Ikelite has announced a brand contemporary underwater housing for the Canon EOS Insurrection T8i, EOS 850D, and Kiss X10i cameras.

As with all Ikelite housings, the contemporary housing is stuffed with aspects to permit divers to maximise the remark of their cameras.

Functions of the contemporary housing comprise:

  • Fabricated from sturdy, corrosion-resistant ABS-PC plastic.
  • Depth rated to 60m/200ft
  • Compatible with the DL gadget lens ports.
  • Pre-build in vacuum valve.
  • Finish to neutrally buoyant in freshwater.
  • The flexibility to manipulate the full a truly grand digicam capabilities.
  • Handbook strobe, or TTL converter functionality.

The contemporary housing retails for US$1,695/~£1,352 /~€1,497.

Yow will detect out more info right here.

Ikelite Announces New Hosing For The Canon EOS 850D 3

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