How Prism 2’s Are Used For Research


Take care of it or no longer, recreational scuba diving has its limits. While gigantic for making short visits to our underwater ecosystems, a conventional scuba rig—even with nitrox—can easiest provide so worthy bottom time. For most of us, that’s k, since the length of a conventional dive doesn’t on the total must be that long. But what about folks that must cease down longer? 

To illustrate, many industrial divers and scientific researchers require long, uninterrupted dive instances spent welding, surveying, or gathering recordsdata. So when the conventional scuba rig (even with an additional gas tank) isn’t enough, underwater pros turn to a rebreather—such because the Hollis Rebreather Prism 2 — to develop the quantity of time they might be able to exercise underwater. 

Greg Asner, the Director of ASU’s Heart for Global Discovery and Conservation Sciences, is one such researcher. As a crusader in opposition to local weather commerce, coral bleaching, and ocean acidification, Asner spearheads a crowdsourcing effort to document bleaching events across the narrate of Hawaii. 

After partnering with the Screech of Hawaii and diversified non-profit and federal agencies, they created for folks to document bleaching in real-time. In essence, the positioning’s aim is to acquire divers and snorkelers to document highly impacted areas in remark that Asner and his workers can whisk to video display the reefs that are increasingly more below stress.

Once the ASU workers has a house to video display, they inevitably exercise heaps of time within the water doing fieldwork. Necessary of this diving is enhanced drastically via the usage of Prism 2 Rebreathers. The Prism 2 opens up bottom instances and depth ranges that they might be able to’t designate any diversified capacity. This permits long-length coral reef surveys that permit the form of science and reporting that’s well-known to keep coral reefs and develop unique marine-ample areas.

One other infamous explorer and researcher striking the Prism 2 via its paces is author and cave diver Jill Heinerth. Alongside with her unbiased no longer too long within the past launched memoir, Into the Planet, Heinerth discusses her evolution as a diver and instructor nonetheless additionally recounts a variety of the fabulous exploits she’s undertaken with the Prism 2.  

Heinerth’s exploratory challenges mandate that her instruments permit her to dive deep into cave systems with out traumatic about her oxygen provide. Succesful of recirculate air for hours and hours, Jill can exercise the P2 to penetrate underwater caverns at depths and distances that would be no longer capacity with out a rebreather gadget. Merely set, Prism 2 permits Jill to push the boundaries of human notion and exploration and far exceed the accomplishment of folks that came sooner than. 

“For me, the P2 is a machine,” Heinerth writes. “Customarily I win it for the fluctuate [deep or far inside a cave] and diversified instances, I win it because it helps me cut my affect on the caves.” 

In some instances — as talked about above — Heinerth and her teams try to care for stable water chemistry or discontinuance silting induced by percolation from the cave ceiling. Rebreathers aid limit these disturbances because they don’t emit bubbles as extraordinary scuba rigs designate. 

“There are some caves with very rare stygobitic animals that we’re making an try to preserve,” she continues. “Other divers exercise rebreathers to boost their interaction with natural world. As a rebreather diver, we’re much less likely to frighten away marine life with the sound of bubbles.”

While it’ll also be complicated to gallop and designate field study within the most modern know-how of the Covid-19 pandemic, Heinerth additionally stands by the Prism 2 because it’s so conducive to getting to the subsequent challenge. Calling the P2 ‘easy,’ the explorer says that share of what makes the Prism 2 a shoo-in for her study and exploration is its ability to stay on and thrive within the sphere. 

“The P2 works actually effectively for me,” Heinerth concludes. “It’s easy and straight forward to restore within the sphere. It travels effectively—and it’s great and mild-weight enough to fit into tight bags limits.”

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