Technical Freediving in Hollywood Revealed


On Monday 18th Would perchance perhaps, Performance Freediving International Founder Kirk Krack precipitated a splash on the online chat expose “Coming Understanding with the Soiled Dozen” hosted by Aron Arngrímsson of The Soiled Dozen Expeditions.

All over the expose, Kirk published his skills with decompression illness (DCI) after technical freediving this January. Whereas now not elaborating within the center of the expose, Kirk described how he had been diving spherical the 100m/328ft depth designate on his scooter ahead of he noticed symptoms of DCI. Kirk introduced he will seemingly be addressing the topic in an upcoming webinar, info coming soon.

The first Hollywood movie Kirk introduced technical freediving to became once “Mission Most unlikely: Rogue Nation” within the center of a scene the attach actor Tom Cruise became once facing a lengthy breath withhold. After coaching with Kirk, the outcomes were definite, and this day Kirk Krack is on the assist end of 31 months of filming James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequels in Los Angeles and Original Zealand.

Per Kirk:

“James’ vision of the alien underwater world is going to blow each person away.”

In “Coming Understanding with the Soiled Dozen,” each episode of the expose encourages viewers participation through submitting questions. Founder Stephan Whelan requested within the online comments:

“Occupied with how great technical freediving is coming to the fore in discussions, invent you perceive it being taught by freediving and mainstream companies within the lengthy flee?”

 To which Kirk answered:

“Oh, absolutely so. I truly feel elated and assured that with my background in mixed gasoline diving and hyperbarics, and safety being my thing, the duty is to ascertain that that that the upright training system supports technical freediving on sage of there are reasonably about a advantages and may perchance perchance additionally be the upright tool for the job, nevertheless there are surely some hazards to take be aware of.”

Breathing mix during a turn around in Truk Lagoon.
Respiratory mix within the center of a turn spherical in Truk Lagoon.

Kirk is within the technique of putting in place an tutorial system essentially based spherical technical freediving practices with requirements & procedures and thorough pink meat up materials.  Even when this modern procedure has been met with some contempt within the industry by a assortment of different company heads, he is hopeful that distinctiveness will grow.

Don’t leave out the supreme two episodes of the season, featuring Gabriel Pineda, Director of Gross sales and Marketing and marketing at Shearwater Study and technical diving pioneer Kevin Gurr, respectively.   

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(Photos courtesy of Kirk Krack.)